Pauanui Bach


Pauanui Bach 


The property had an old bach on site which the family had owned for ten years.  The brief was originally to provide a house for the owners to retire to, but it changed to become simply a holiday house with the possibility of long stays.  This issue became important in developing the plan specifically the relationship between the bedrooms and the living areas.


The site is close to the beach with views along the beach to Tairua.  It also has glimpses to the Alderman’s and the ocean beyond.  The existing house was set back from the road, reducing its outlook.   The client had also expressed a desire for outdoor living with options in various climatic conditions.


The layout therefore developed with the Lounge/Dining/Kitchen on the second level of the house as close to the front of the site as possible. Whilst maintaining space for a large deck on this north side, complete with outlook and some privacy. Behind this and to the west is a Loggia space with access from the adjoining rooms.  A decked floor and louvred roof with windows provide flexibility of use.  This space provides another outdoor living area when the wind blows in from the sea and a sun trap for late in the day.


Behind this are the two upstairs bedrooms, one a master, the other to double as a study.  This room has clear vision through the house to the view beyond.  The master bedroom is such that by cantilevering it out over the driveway, it has a view north up to Tairua and the sea. The downstairs consists of two bedrooms with views of the sea at the north below the overhanging deck.  Behind these is the laundry and family room and at the rear the garage space.The orientation of aligning the entry and upper bedroom to contrast with the relatively square floor plan has added another quality to the spaces and the exterior. The exterior is simple and constructed of cedar weatherboard, plastered block with a single pitch iron roof.