our expertise



DLM provides a high level of expertise to manage projects confidently, offering:


  • Outstanding and experienced professional project management services, proven to provide consistent communication and accountability for the full life of complex design/ construction projects.

  • Innovation in construction techniques, design and materials.

  • Certainty that risks are proactively identified and managed during the design and construction phases, to ensure a smooth delivery process.

  • Timely and accurate cost management.

  • Up-to-date expertise on the latest legislation and territorial authority requirements.

  • Integrated, conscientious, accountable architectural design which extends the full duration of the project

  • Cost-efficient, intelligent design, which will:

    • Coordinate with existing landmark features and buildings

    • Provide tangible improvements to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

    • Utilise leading-edge international best practice in the design and architecture

  • Minimised potential difficulties in construction (especially ensuring clear information, supervision and  on-going communication with construction personnel)

  • Built-in flexibility to accommodate anticipated changes in  technologies, media and work place practices

  • A proven track record of successful communication and management

  • Long-term company stability and culture, will ensure outstanding liaison and management from conception through to design, construction and commissioning stages, until final completion of all contract works.



Knowing that the success of a project depends not only on attractive design, but also on the effectiveness of the development process, DLM measures its success not on the number of design awards it scores, but – we believe more importantly - on the amount of repeat business we achieve.   


Our reputation for excellence in service, design and management of projects has led to lasting relationships with our clients and many strongly endorsed referrals.



our philosophy



Our mission is to produce unique design solutions by carefully interpreting the clients’ requirements, site potential and budget constraints. We regularly research international trends for cost-efficient, sustainable design solutions which leverage clever design to reduce long-term operational and maintenance costs. As specialists in a number of fields, we are well informed about future trends within the construction industry (particularly the changing role of emerging technologies) and how these trends will impact on architecture in the future.



DLM designers have a reputation for being practical, hands on people - consistently using cutting-edge practice to achieve the best results for their clients.  We aim to create buildings that meet the needs of both current and future users, meet the budget of the owners, and have aesthetic and structural integrity that satisfies both.



Design and construction are some of the fastest-moving industries worldwide. We understand the need to design buildings that will be practical and timeless. We have an enlightened perspective on the future applications of the buildings we help to create. To gain this insight, we are constantly researching new materials and construction processes; seeking innovative design solutions; and keeping abreast of new regulations and industry standards.

our services



DLM provides services in Architecture and Landscape Architecture with the goal of creating innovative buildings and environments that respond to today’s rapidly changing culture. In each of these professions, we deliver a mix of skills and delivery methods for your project. We focus on delivering exceptional design with a considered and personal service.


The services we provide:


Master planning/ Site planning/ 10 year planning



Planning and Strategic advice



Design:             Architectural




                         Environmental sustainable


Detail design:   Programming







Delivery:           Contract administration