St Annes Catholic School Manurewa


St Annes Catholic School Manurewa


DLM Architects were approached by the Catholic Diocese to complete development planning for a school in Manurewa. The initial brief was to extend the classrooms to provide for more teaching space, as all their existing areas were under code.


After various iterations and costings it was agreed the extent of work was such that demolition and rebuild was the most cost effective solution.

DLM then prepared a master plan for the whole school with a staged development. With the first stage agreed and an sketch design complete, DLM were then novated to the main contractor and a process of design & build followed


The building contains seven- three classroom studios in a flexible configuration. Each space houses up to 90 students, with ancillary rooms in the form of small group learning, media and resource space.  In conjunction with this, a new Library and central resource space has been created.


The building houses three quarters of the school and sets the precedent for the future development and structure of the school.