Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Whangaroa


Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Whangaroa


The original brief was an architectural one but during the formative stages of the project, it was recognized that the landscape setting and its manipulation would add significantly to the learning


The landscape was designED to fit the cultural aspirationS of the whanau and meet the external green star requirements. With all that in mind, both the design of the school buildings and landscape became inter-linked, each feeding off the other to provide a dynamic outcome. The outside curve of the buildings reflects that of the bay below, to provide enclosure for the pupils and as the Komatua said a warm embrace. The landscape extends this concept with the entry drawing you to the centre. At the entry is a sculpture by Chris Booth that acts as a waharoa.


A number of other features add to the environment, these include a wetland which doubles as stormwater treatment and management along with an orchard and edible gardens. The site contain boulders that are common in the area and these have been used for construction of landscape walls but also highlight the edge of the accessways they have also been used for a play structure


The landscape is an active part of the school for play, learning and culture and adds to the quality of the wider environment.