Te Matauranga Primary School


Te Matauranga Primary School


The brief was to provide new facilities for the relocation of Manukau View.  The complete design, tendering and construction of these facilities, comprising  15 Classrooms (420 students), administration areas, “street” circulation areas, hall, site works including tennis courts, parking areas and landscaping.  The infrastructure was to be designed and constructed to accommodate up to 520 students.


Included within the scope were design changes to accommodate improved energy conservation and sustainability requirements plus improvements in acoustic performance both introduced by the Ministry of Education to comply with upgraded standards after the design was largely completed.


The entire project commenced construction in July  and was finished by December 23rd, except the hall,   The hall was completed by the end of January. The design concept resulted from a developed layout submitted at the time of consultant selection. A conventional design, registration, tendering and construction process was used. 


At the opening, the then Prime Minister commented that it was the first new school she had opened that was finished for the opening.